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Now that you are pre-approved and have selected the perfect agent, it's time to begin your house search! There are many online real estate portals to utilize for your house searches and your real estate agent can access their local MLS (multiple listing service), which contains the bulk of all real estate transaction records and is what "feeds" all the housing information into all of those interest sites. Throughout the house buying process, you will change, update, and restructure what your perfect housing candidate will look like. Trying to check all the boxes and stay on budget is an almost impossible task! Sometimes, changing your initial search area, can help accommodate that wish list that never seems to get met. Or, maybe you're willing to give up some of those amenities to stay in your target neighborhood. No matter the outcome, I always encourage my clients to be a "detective". What I mean by that is investigate the area, neighborhood, or street you're looking to buy in. Knowing how the street functions in the morning, afternoon, and evening can make a huge difference to some buyers. Talk to neighbors - they are often an incredible source of valuable information that could be make the difference in choosing a property.

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